Exclusive Swinging Parties & Socials for Couples and Single Girls


About Loungeparties

Loungeparties is an exclusive swingers club hosting swinging parties and socials in London and the UK for genuine, attractive couples and single girls.

Loungeparties offers a range of different events such as:

Loungeparties is unique because of our:


Loungeparties started in 2002 and was the first organisation to host "swinging socials", relaxed evenings out to meet and flirt with other couples and single girls.

The idea being to meet and socialise with similar couples into swinging and group sex in a relaxed no pressure environment, usually a private bar. Full on play parties can be a little intimidating, especially for first timers but with socials couples meet others in a relaxed no pressure environment. Its also great to network and hear about other clubs, sites and possibly get invited to a private party hosted by other guests.

Loungeparties socials are a great way to make new friends with other attractive, educated, open-minded professionals. Many lifelong friendships extending beyond casual sex started at a Loungeparties social.

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Swinging Parties

Loungeparties swinging parties are held luxury apartments in and around London. Typically play parties start at around 9pm with a champagne reception where guests will mingle for a couple of hours. Even if one hasn't been before everyone is very friendly and welcoming, we can all remember our first parties and know what it feels like.

After a few drinks and some flirting guests start paring off and head for the bedrooms. What goes on is up to those involved, women are always in control and a subtle gesture is all that's required to fend off any unwanted advances.

Our parties always sell out well in advance so it's recommended to book early. Once one is on the guest list it's a mostly a matter of first come first served however this might be skewed a little to allow first timers a chance.

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Open Source Parties

Loungeparties guests have befitted greatly from the community spirit. We have always encouraged and welcomed our membership to get involved. This has lead to some interesting parties that we wouldn't have conceived on our own such as pool party weekends in nice houses in the country, weekend getaways, themed parties etc.

We wholeheartedly encourage this and welcome guests to get involved with co hosting or hosting Loungeparties events.. For further information please get in touch.

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Masquerade Balls

We have co hosted a couple of exotic Masquerade Balls in stately homes which were fantastic and would love to do more. However to do it to desired standards takes a huge amount of effort, a bit like planning a wedding with the additional challenge of keeping it private. We know there is a desire for the parties and as soon as an opportunity presents itself loungeparties will host another one.

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Exclusivity, age, vetting and no single men

All our events are totally exclusive, only applications that have been accepted will be will be added to the guest list and invited to attend Loungeparties events.


Loungeparties started with a 35 and under rule but we found the limit a bit arbitrary, it incentives those on the cusp to lie and there are some great looking super fit 40+ men/women out there. So Loungeparties no longer has an upper age limit.

Saying that we understand that there are many who prefer to mix amongst their own age group so the new application form asks for preferable guest age. Depending on the data we may host a few special events to satisfy the demographics.


Loungeparties is primarily aimed at attractive, professional couples and the majority of couples prefer to play with couples more or less like themselves, along with single bisexual women.

We understand everyone’s time is precious and filtering at the early stage goes a long way to ensure everyone enjoys great parties.

No Single Men

While we can sympathise with single men wanting to attend a swinging party it's not what most of our guests are looking for so Loungeparties has always had a strict no single men policy. Our parties aim to provide a relaxed fun no pressure atmosphere for couples and single women.

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