Exclusive Swinging Parties & Socials for Couples and Single Girls


Loungeparties Party Guidelines

What should we expect at a Loungeparty?

Loungeparties events can be divided into two main formats, Socials and Play Parties:


Our socials are held in bars and other public venues where sexual contact is not appropriate. This is an opportunity for you to socialise with other Loungeparty guests. In order to attend, you must have applied with photos and received an invitation. If you would like to bring friends they too have to follow the same process, this is for the security of the whole group.

The size of the socials vary depending on the location, the typical would be about 60 guests, mostly couples with 2 – 4 single women. They are held on both week and weekend evenings, typically from 7ish to whenever the bar closes. Occasionally we have had official After Parties but this is not the norm, however, it's quite possible some couples get together for a little party of their own.

Food is often available at the locations in which a social is held, we will include relevant details with the event invitation. There is usually a small charge for a social, payable in advance.

Play Parties

Play parties are held at a private location, usually luxury apartments. To attend one has to be on the guest list and receive a party invitation.

Play parties usually start out with a couple of hours of socialising and flirting over a few drinks after which foursomes or small groups pair off and head for the bedrooms to explore sexually. Noone is pressured to take part, however, and you may choose not to “play” or to play only with your own partner and simply enjoy the erotic environment subject to a few common-sense rules set out below.

For your security, venue details will only be available to those on the guest list and, to those who have paid their contribution. Our rules and etiquette apply to other events organised by or through Loungeparties to the extent appropriate.

Food is not provided at Loungeparties play parties and you are advised to have a light meal before you arrive.

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What should we wear/bring to a Loungeparty?

Show that you have made an effort and try to look sexy, if it's a social your dress should be appropriate for a public venue.

At a play party, anything goes and clothes usually get discarded to some extent during the evening! One can dress as raunchy as they like, arriving and changing is perfectly acceptable as is changing through the course of the evening.

Our play parties always start with a champagne reception and there are usually a few other drinks on offer however we suggest guests bring a bottle, mixes will be available.

You will not need cash at a play party and, for security, are advised not to bring unnecessarily large amounts. We provide condoms but you are advised also to carry your own for convenience and particularly if you have particular requirements or tastes. You are welcome to bring your sex toys and guests will be responsible for your own possessions.

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Common-sense Rules and Etiquette

  • Always treat other guests with respect.
  • No means no. Please be polite if you don’t want to play with someone. On the flip side, don’t take a refusal personally.
  • Know your own boundaries and those of your partner (if any) before you attend.
  • Respect the boundaries of others.
  • Soft swap/ full swap/ oral sex/ girl-girl and group activity are all common. Less common but still acceptable is anal sex or men exploring their bi-sexuality. It is up to you and your partner whether or not you play together.
  • Do not assume that, because someone is playing, you are automatically invited to join in. Wait for an invitation either explicitly or by a positive response to you making minor contact. (Stroking someone’s arm or leg is often a good way to show that you are interested in joining in without risking offence).
  • Due to the nature and size of our venues, we cannot guarantee privacy. If you play, you will need to be comfortable with others watching.
  • Please be aware that, while the majority of female Loungeparties guests are bi-sexual, some are straight. Don’t take anything for granted.
  • Do not worry about not being able to get, or losing, erections. This is a very common situation (and there may be increased “performance anxiety” at a swinger party). Everyone has experienced this and understands it.
  • Don’t drink so much that you are offensive or unable to enjoy the experience.
  • Mobile phones should be turned off, or left at home. If the phone must be used please use it outside.
  • Treat the venue as you would your home.
  • No cameras.
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Safe Sex

Safe sex is practised without prompting and condoms are used unless specifically agreed by those taking part (long term/polyamorous partners).

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Single men

Loungeparties does not cater to single men. We are unique in that we are strictly couples and single females only. The reasoning behind this is because most genuine swinging couples are looking for others similar to themselves, along with the occasional single woman.

Men can only attend events accompanied by the partner they applied with. Bringing a stand-in date is not what Loungeparties is about and is unacceptable.

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