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Over 200 comments from Loungeparties guests about our Socials and Swinging Parties that took place in London and the UK over the few years.

We knew from the comments that that LP members are a particularly friendly bunch but weren't expecting how sexy and welcoming everyone would be. We look forward to the next opportunity we get to attend an LP swinging party.
We had a very naughty time with some very gorgeous people. Well done for arranging such a wonderful event. Our first play party but certainly not our last! Cant wait for the next one! Warm fuzzies xxx
Thanks to everyone for giving us two total newbies (but with slut potential obviously!) a great time and making us feel really welcome. We met lots of sexy and saucy people and had so much fun, really looking forward to seeing you all again!
Oh we loved our first party! Thx a million for organising, we can't wait for the next friendly, fun, sexy meeting!
Great venue, gorgeous people what more do you need for a very enjoyable play party. Thanks to Cliff and everyone else who organised it all. Let's hope there'll be more of the same in the near future.
WOW, what a fantastic night, again. The amount of work that goes into making these successful nights really shows. We love LP because the crowd is both sexy and sophisticated, and quality locations are the icing on the cake. Once again thanks, and thank you to all those that attended, you made it a wonderful night. A real top end party. :D
We love LP! We have met some incredibly sexy people and have had some really rude fun! Although LP has been our only swinging experience we hear from so many that LP is creme de la creme of the swinging world. We are certainly spoilt for choice! I look forward to every event like a four year old waiting for Christmas. Bring on the next event, with love and thanks
A big thank you to everyone who helped with the party last night. It was a wonderful evening, a great venue and a huge group of really attractive, friendly and sexy people. We caught up with old friends and made quite a few new ones. We hope to see you all again soon.
We'd like to thanks for all the work put into organising parties over the past few months. LP has always been the friendliest swinging site. This weekend's party was fantastic!
Thanks to the organisers for the lovely social. Although it was our first time to the scene, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately we arrived late and didn't have opportunity chatting with everyone, we look forward to meeting all the LPers very soon.
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone, who helped to make us feel welcome at our 1st social. We had a great time and can't wait for the next one. Although we do wish that we had more time, as we didn't get to meet everyone ..maybe next time?
We had a great time at our first social. Really enjoyed meeting so many like-minded people in a relaxed environment. Looking forward to the next one!
Had a great night last night, it was very enjoyable and everyone was very nice and welcoming. We are looking foward to meeting you all again and getting to know some alot better :D. Thanks for a great night.
Thanks everyone - we had the best time meeting such a fun and friendly crowd - no idea what we were nervous about! Can't wait to see you all again. We were only sorry we missed the show - will definitely skip work early next time!
Thanks for such a great night full of lovely sexy people! will look forward to the next event
A big thank you to Cliff and the team for organising a great social last night. It was good to see so many new people there as well as catching up with some old friends. Thanks again.
Golly gosh. What a superb night. Great people,lovely atmosphere and well chosen venue. So many gorgeous people not only in looks but genuine and warm. It was our first time and we'd like to say a big thanks to Clifford....you guys are lovely.
Thanks for organizing a great social. The facilities was great for the occasion – not to big, not to small. Great dj – and she was hot too!!! So many cool people in one place… We had a great time!
Thanks to everyone for another great social night with Loungeparties. We've been on LP for 2 years now and the community just keeps going from strength to strength. We've seen the site grow steadily from a small data base of members to a thriving lively place to be. The credit should go to all the admin guys & gals and of course the members who make it so friendly.
Wow Wow Wow! What a great evening we had at our second LP event, smaller private gatherings are definitely the way forward, the social side of the evening is as important as any fun that may be had and we were lucky enough to thoroughly enjoy both! To all thanks for a great night, a truly wonderful night! Look forward to the next event!
Good god we're knackered - but very smiley!! An excellent party, a really fantastic night! It was great to see everyone we met last month again and really good meeting everyone else - can't wait for the next one xxxx
What can we say that hasn't already been said? This was our first LP event and we had a great evening... we'll definitely be back for more. Those of you whom we missed speaking to - nothing personal, there just wasn't enough time to get around the whole room. We'll catch up with you at the next event.
We had a GREAT time last night and thank you so much for all the organising. It was a fab introduction to the scene and everyone was really welcoming - not half as nerve wracking as we thought it would be. We can't wait for the next event!
It was our first true LP Event and we can honestly say it was the best looking group of people we've seen in one place at a 'fun' event. It's just a shame one can't speak to everyone in the room, even for a few minutes. Although boringly shy and rather backward at coming forward, we never once felt under pressure by anyone, although we did want to pressurise ourselves to be more forward - are we the only ones who felt that way? The venue at first seemed too small, we were one of the last to arrive, but when people started to move to the play area the main room opened up, in fact we'd say the number of people was perfect for the size of venue. It was very friendly and intimate - fantastic organisation - well done!
I was delighted to meet some very sexy newcomers - the company of all of them is going to be in great demand! - as well as to chat to old members and make new friends. I echo the comments that I wish I had more time to talk more to more people... I fully support reserving places for new couples at these sell-out events as we did this time and hope that continues as planned. Can't wait until next time
What a wonderful evening! It was brilliant to see so many gorgeous people in one place. And, wow, was there some hot action back in the play rooms!
As per usual we're kicking ourselves for not mingling more with the sexy crowd that were there!! We both had great fun in the bar (no suprise there ehh!!) & in the playrooms!! The next day was a right off as the jet lag/wine/late night/sex finally caught up!! Top night Kisses
We had a fantastic time last night! Made new friends, met some old ones, loved the play party! We will definately come to the next play party, and are now 100% LP'ers. We love you all! Thanks for a great night.
Thankyou everybody for making it a truly wonderful evening, excellent venue and party.... It was great to see so many friendly faces and engage in the usual LP extrovert ways.. xxx
What a superb night!
We can only repeat what's already been said, fantastic night full of fantastic people. Even though the venue was smaller than we expected we felt it actually added to the atmosphere rather than being lost in a huge location. Great night and thanks to those who made it extra special, you know who you are ;)
Big big thank-you Loungeparites, for organising a wonderful night. Lovely to catch up with those we know and delighhtful to meet some new friends. What a sexy bunch of people we have in LP. The events just seem to get better and better.
Ditto, and we can't take the goofy smiles off our faces! We had the horniest night and would love a repeat; great venue and hot hot people. Just wish we had loads more time to say hi to everyone properly
Many thanks for a great night! it was really nice to catch up with so many LPers.. everyone looked gorgeous and the place was packed! We have come used to having these great socials! we definitely enjoyed the evening!!!
What a great evening - a real delight for the senses, mainly touch! Fabulous sexy LP couples and single ladies mmm lovely. We loved catching up with old friends and making new ones - superb!
It was really good for us to meet so many sexy people for our first Loungeparties bash, we had a great time and will be coming to future events. It was a very Grand setting, but the thing that made it most for us was how welcome everyone made us feel having only joined the site last Sunday. Hope to be at the next event.
Wow - what a party! The Valentines Ball was definitely THE most glamorous thing I've ever been to. The people were warm, suitably beautiful, and extremely keen to help me benefit from my virgin voyage (you know who you were, those of you that helped in the very hands on sense). I can't wait for the next one. Already quivering with anticipation...
Dear Cliff and LP Team, Ditto the comments made to regarding the Valentines Ball. We were amazed at how welcome we were made to feel by all who attended to make it an extremely memorable first debut evening. We will certainly attend future events and look forward to meeting more sexy, sophisticated and fun people. We look forward to meeting more of you soon.
Thanks , we really had a great evening. We have found non LP events to be over-hyped and then arrived to find our inflated expectations dashed in seconds by the seedy and tacky environment. There is a genuine demand for more sophisticated events and we would be happy to pay more in the future. We are members on a couple of sites but we definitely prefer the people we have met on LP and feel there is a definite sense of community here.
Hi all. Just to say a big thanks to all who organised the event. It was fantastic. Mine and fetishgirls first event and loved it. No pressure, great people, great venue and great atmosphere. To all we meet, thanks for making it special and a special yum to that lovely kitten who made the night perfect for us.
Thank you Loungeparties! for organising such a great event. We enjoyed every moment from it. Everything was magnificent. Congratulations! And what a beautiful crowd. Certainly one of the best and most high class parties we've ever been to. Cant wait for the next.
Hey everyone. Well what an initiation ceremony for this LP Virgin!! A spectacular introduction and, to echo others, I was made to feel very welcome. I too understand the amount of work and cost that goes into something like this so many thanks to Cliff and all the organisers, volunteers and sponsors. Thanks again to all concerned and to all who made me feel so welcome. LP is certainly full of interesting, warm, friendly and fun people I’d be happy to meet again.
Thank you Cliff and Co! The champagne flowed, the performers were brilliant, the atmosphere electric and the company sensational! Excellent weekend, thanks to Angela and John who sorted out the Friday social also!
Thanks to everyone who made the weekend a fantastic event we had a wonderful time and it was fun trying to put names to faces we had only previously seen in pics on the profiles (which I have to say I was scarily good at, must be spending too long on here!). Venue and everything about it was stunning and everyone looked fantastic with or without the masks.
Hi guys ...a belated thank you from us both. It was our first event and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was great to meet so many of you friendly people and we were both very excited to be there. Great venue and some stunning costumes ! We had a lot of fun and are already looking forward to our next venture out !!
Also want to add our thanks to the organisers. Such a good night! Met loads of great people, truly unforgettable. Only a shame we lost track of a few people we would have loved to see more of... Everyone was dressed amazingly.
A great event set in a fantastic venue. The performances by the artistes were awesome and the work done by all in charge superb. Well done to all concerned....the bar has been raised!
A truly spectacular event, the layout was a perfect use of a truly wonderful venue. A big thanks to all who had a hand in making it happen so successfully and congratulations to a lovely crowd of people that attended and made the night so friendly and sexy. We don't want to wish time away but roll on next year.
Another belated thankyou from Connie and me. We're brand new to the scene, this was our first ever party and it will stay in our memory for a very long time. Everyone was so friendly, the atmosphere was hot but unpressured and, to our surprise, we got stuck in relatively early in the evening, starting off with a very skillful demonstration from the whip-meister-general (you know who you are...), followed by some "interaction" with a few more sexy couples (again, you know who you are...). We can't wait for the next event
A bit late with the thank you from us, we're only just really waking up. A truly wonderful evening, perfect down to every detail, visually stunning from the moment we arrived, blindingly stimulating and a beautiful, mad bunch of people. Thank you all. Cliff you're a genius.
A huge thank you and big hugs to the organisers for all of your hard work in making the ball happen. We had a... ball! It was wonderful to see all of our friends looking so sexy and also to meet some fantastic new people.
It was really good for us to meet so many sexy people for our first LP bash, we had a great time and will be coming to future events. It was a very Grand setting, but the thing that made it most for us was how welcome everyone made us feel having only joined the site last sunday. Hope to be at the next event.
Although I'm only echoing what's been said above, we'd like to add our thanks to Cliff and Co for organising such a fabulous evening. I had a great time (some of you may have noticed...). We really enjoyed meeting so many lovely sexy people and are looking forward to seeing you all again soon.
Just to add our thanks to cliff and all his delightful helpers for organising such an amazing event. It was sexy, fun, and deliciously enjoyable in every sense. It was so good to meet old friends and new, our only regret is that the evening flew by ( even though we lasted until 3.30am) and we did not get a chance to chat to more people. Never mind we are looking forward to the next LP meeting when we can all meet up again. Thanks again to everyone to made the evening so great.
Thank you cliff and all others involved with the organisation of last night. It was great to catch up with old and new friends in such sexy surroundings. We know how much work you must have put into it and it went without a hitch!
Thanks to Cliff and all the amazing people that had a hand in putting the event together. we had such fun! the music was amazing, the food was great and plenty of it! and lots and lots of drinks! we looved the entertaintment and most of it the people that we met. all the couples we had a chance to meet and share a drink with were amazing... the event was so much more than we were expecting, it was so elegant and classy all the way!!!
A very big thank you to Cliff and co for a fantastic night. Still being fairly new to the scene the Marked Ball had always been top of our 'to do' list and last night lived up to all our expectations. The location was ideal and the mix of sexy LPer's made for a very memorable night. Well done to all those who organised, helped and performed
Just got back, feeling tired but with a huge grin on my face. Just want to say thanks to everyone involved in organising the event. The house was superb, particuarly liked the balcony, a perfect spot for people watching. It was everything that we wished for. Would also like to thank the LP crowd, what a great mix of people. The conversation is lively and the sex is sizzling, what more could we ask for. The fact that everyone made such an effort and looked truly gorgeous was just a bonus. Roll on the next event, just wish that some of you lived further north.
Just now recuperating from a night of sex, fun and frolicks Many thanks and well done Cliff for finding an amazing venue... it was grand in every sense of the word.... your organisers really did a fantastic job and we look forward to the next one.
We had a wonderful night at the LP Valentines Maked Ball, and we're glad to hear that everybody else feels the same. Everything was cool, the venue was spectacular, nice performances and atmosphere. Cliff really surpassed himself once again and we are all grateful, as the outcome was great! Many thanks to all the boys and girls for their efforts. Of course, as always, the main reason for the success was the sexy guests. We are looking forward to our next LP grand event Kisses and love
Thanks, loungeparties, for organising the social on Saturday. T and I both had a really great evening there and the venue worked really well for our "intimate" gathering. Thanks to everyone who came along as it was a cool, sexy, fun group :)
Congratulations to LP for organising a truly wild and decadent affair. We had an absolutely amazing time with a certain naughty couple who will remain nameless!! Thinking about it, the dynamics of the night were definitely enhanced by the male-male contact side. For the ladies, it was a great turn on to see their men getting down to some manly action whilst for the guys, it allowed for as many options as the ladies! Let's see more of these events and I'd urge other LP'ers to consider coming along. Whilst the male-male side of things was a significant part of the night, it was the anything goes feeling that made the night such a great success!!
Many many thanks for a truly outstanding event last night for both of us. A great initial drinks reception followed by a great venue to kick things off. The attention to detail and lovely decoration really set the scene for a very sexy evening.Met some great new people who all generated a truly electric atmosphere. We both look forward to attending the next event when it can be organised. You'll definitely be seeing a great deal more of us in the future.
We had a great nite and would recommend your parties as one of the best we have been too. We would love to attend another event if you should organise another one.
Thanks for organising such a fantastic night, it was electric. Good crowd, nice venue and lots of horny debaucherous fun. Kate & I both enjoyed ourselves very much and look forward to a repeat of the same theme / idea later in the year.
An excellent night with a great crowd of sexy open people. Met and made some new friends as well as catching up with others. The numbers, mix, bar and suite was "spot on" An excellent event that should be repeated in the future please.
Thanks for hosting this fantastic party - what a brilliant sexy crowd of open-minded people all in one place. Definitely the best LP event we have been to so far. We felt that bringing in people from the sister sites worked so well - a magic mix. A bit like throwing a box of fireworks into a fire to see what happens - spectacular! Any plans for a sequel later in the year?
I thought I should say that the party last night (bi party)was absoloutely fab and thanks to Nicky and Cliff for organising it. A repeat is def on the cards don`t you think Cliff? The bar and social was great and the apartment lovely, the hosts very accommodating and the naughtiness outstanding. Bravo!
To all the sexy guests from last night's bi-party, Thank you all for making the party an outstanding success. What a group of people... great company and so hot and playful. What an electric atmosphere! I really enjoyed last night, got some very positive feedback and we would be delighted to organise something similar in the future.
We had a fantastic night and wanted to pass on out gratitude for a job very well done.
What a Venue! What generous hospitality! What lovely smiles all night long! Thanx sooooo much for a wonderful party - really felt I was in some kind of 'eyes wide shut'/fantasy type situation such were the surroundings and company... Thoroughly enjoyed just getting lost in it all with beautiful friends! Thanx again Xx
Thanks very much loungeparties, we had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves. We met some old and new friends and it was a really wonderful night...the party had it all, beautiful setting, lighting, music, finger buffet, drinks, great hosts and very sexy LP people around. It was a great success and we hope everyone had a great time, because we did! Thanks again for a fun night.
We'd just like to echo what others have written - a fabulously sexy night, gorgeous location, beautiful crowd and great atmosphere. We felt the fact that everyone was dressed sexy from the start made for a more erotic vibe and we liked that a lot.
We KNEW this would be a night not to miss and what can we say? We can't thank you enough for your generosity in hosting an excellent party in a superb venue. I think we speak for everyone that was there that it was perfect - GR8 atmosphere, venue, people... We found it VERY hard to leave but this just means we need a repeat performance sometime soon This is going to B a very hard one to top indeed!
Fever eat your heart out! That was a luxurious venue and your hospitality was extremely generous.. i don't think anyone left without a smile on their face It will be hard to top this party... The ladies were extremely erotic in their slips and lingerie and Tash and Jade you looked very erotic with your nipple tassles... Lovely way to end the year..
Great party, fantastic venue, cracking atmosphere, brilliant company, what more can we say, ahhh yes, thanks
A huge thank you to K and J for organising the Edinburgh play party. We had a superb time. The venue was stunning and the guests excellent. We have great memories of a wonderful night.
We've been members since Jan 05' and its been a tremendously fun year!.. we joined LP to attend the Masquerade Ball and met the most amazingly friendly, sexy people that made swinging all that we had hoped for... Cliff and his team run this site with great professionalism and are very approachable no matter what.. The socials for us are the most fun ... so we highly recommend loungeparties Look forward to many more years of fun here!
I had a fabulous time at the private Loungeparties party last night. There were so many hot people! Thanks to everyone who attended.My favourite bit was when lots of the gorgeous chicks started stripping down and changing into sexy undies! I thought that the venue worked very well and I am glad that there is going to be another Loungeparties event there. Put your names down early next time, people! Great company, great event. Thanks again super sexy LPers.
Thanks for such a great night and congratulations for the organizing of the party. It was great to see so many Loungepartiers together and hope that you'll soon be able to repeat this fantastic effort. xXx
Thanks to everyone who made last night in Cheltenham such fun. Particular mention to the bemused non-swinger couple getting chatted up at the bar Special thanks to those lovely people who made it to 310 although I understand we had competition all over the hotel. (I trust you put my condoms to good use ). Thanks to Sophie for working so hard to get us all together. So, if the champagne didnt turn up, can anyone tell me why I have such a hangover?
Loungeparties has continued to develop and improve in response to its users needs. It is the only swingers site that is small enough to do this, and has a wonderfully democratic community feel to it. The parties are also cool and it's nice that members can organise socials whenever they want via the Forums. This site is the dog's bollox!
Dina and I wanted to add our thanks...we left early, but well satisfied with the company and the food... Thanks again for hosting
That was brilliant. Had I not had to work the next day I would have loved to have been a little more loved up in the lounge. What a great group of people you all are -- we are both continually impressed with just the fantastic level of socialising that we can do with all these gorgeous people... and the idea that things can get frisky is a great bonus to have in the back of your mind when you're looking out over such an attractive crowd. Hope to see everyone again very soon.
Just got back from a love fest weekend in London and would like to say thanks for a fab, sexy, sensual and downright rude barbie. It was a pleasure to meet so many lovely people, new and old friends I hope. It was the shortest 12 hours and quite simply a fab do - you did yourself proud Hope to see you soon guys lots of love and kisses
We wholeheartedly second that. Thanks for a great evening - wonderful food, drink and company. Look forward to seeing you both when you get back from your holiday.
Thanks for a great introduction to Loungeparties. Food, wine & company surpassed all our expectations and we look forward to seeing many of our new friends again.
This was our first Loungeparties event and it was just beautiful. We met great people there and hope to see many of them soon again, we'd also like to thank Cliff for creating Loungeparties and making it all happen!
Loungeparties hold the best socials and parties of any swingers club. They are great fun, never clicky and the people are sexy, classy and very naughty. Fun is virtually guaranteed in more ways than one ;) Come along
We would like to thank Loungeparties for putting so much effort to organise such a superb evening! And a big thank you to all LPers for a great company and a great community. To those in room 326 - sorry about my (Nat) haste departure, it's just it was the time for me to pass out so had to get home fast. Some elements of our party attire are missing! Cliff - I believe you owe me one black bra! Poor Phil had 3 hours of sleep before going to work like a trojan/idiot. All in all, a very sexy evening/night indeed!
Big thank you Paul for pulling together such a great night and a brilliant crowd. We had a great time with everyone last night, partied more than we could handle and got back after a warm sexy and fun night. It was exactly the type of party we love with a great sex vibe full of people we'd like to stay friends with for a long time.
The Swing Social was out first LP experience and we loved it! We arrived at 8ish stone cold sober and after 5 minutes of persuading Gary he didn't need any dutch courage, we went in to what I can only descibe as the most laid back, fun evening you could ever have! It wasn't clicky at all and everyone spoke to anyone. We met some fantastic people all very normal and great fun, not to mention sexy! We can't wait for our next Social and have the feeling we have only dipped our toe into the water with so much more excitement to experience with LP yet!
It was good 2 meet so many lovely people at last. Apologies 2 those of u we didnt get round 2 saying hi 2, but the night just seemed go by so quick. Plus half way through the nite, half the people dissapeared =o(. Seems like room 326 was pretty busy. We had 2 decline the kind offer 2 join u guys as Tash had 2 be up at 6am.
Wow, I think it is fair to say that we were officially part of the 326 club and are still reeling at the sexiness of it all. Anyway, thanks again and we are really looking forward to the next one.
Big thank you Loungeparties for pulling together such a great night and a brilliant crowd. We had a great time with everyone last night, partied more than we could handle and got back after a warm sexy and fun night. It was exactly the type of party we love with a great sex vibe full of people we'd like to stay friends with for a long time.
Big thanks to Loungeparties for a fabulous weekend, venue, weather & people were great. It was really nice to put a face to all the names, everyone was very friendly and welcoming.....some more than others .........no names required, you know who you are! Enjoyed the fun n' frolics by the pool and the late night circus show in the pool room. Lots of you thanked us for making the effort (from Bonnie Scotland) it was well worth it, would have happily traveled twice the distance for half the fun ! Looking forward to our next LP event..
It's official - we are no longer "swinging virgins"! And what a great introduction! Big smiles, big thank yous and big lots of things! We've been LPV'd - cheers Cliff! Lots of !!!!! sums up how we feel, still a little shocked, but in a very good happy way. Thanks to all those who made our evening so memorable (you know who you are!)
Wow! What a collection of people - we're so lucky to be a part of this. The night was yet another to confirm for us how unique LP is as a community. Along with meeting some fabulous new faces its the only enviroment in which we can see so many LP friends at once in all their glory - with that line between being purely sociable and being more intimate a little blurred and that fizzy, electric pulse in the air... We'd always recommend the socials to anyone who hasn't been - they are a wonderful part of this community. You'll enter an enviroment where some have relationships with each other already, see the genuine feeling between friends, share and learn about experiences and meet likeminded people looking to explore... and find it's all terribly civilized - no pressure! Kisses,
What a great event, for us as newbies. we met some lovely people ( you know who you are!). loungeparties, and all the other lovely people we saw, but did not meet that night, many thanks for a wonderful evening! it has truly opened our eyes and we are definitely looking forward to the next party, where we hope to meet more of you lovely people!
Thought we would our thanks to Cliff and his sexy helpers for organising another great swinging party. Its always good to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. When's the next one?
We had a really good time last night, loved the people and the venue! Paying for it today though (worst hangover!!). Many thanks for organizing a lovely get together! Have a good weekend, everyone!
As newbies.. it was very daunting to go to our first party. but we arrived early.. and met some fab people...felt really comfortable... Excellent Site, excellent People. Looking forward to the next event.
We had an absolutely excellent time at our first loungepartyl: Gold stars to Cliff for creating a site that has such a genuine and lovely bunch of people on it! We highly recommend LP to anyone
Big thanks to Cliff for all their hard work....great site, and great events. We enjoyed meeting everyone at the Erotic Ball, and will do our best to make it to as many events as possible!
So well organised, such sexy company. Cliff has created the very best forum for people to meet in a 'no pressure' environment with the potential for such a sexy time. Last nights outing to the Erotica Ball was our first venture with Loungeparties. The first of many we think. Thanks to everyone involved.
A unique and sophisticated format. The parties have been fresh and exciting, with some of the sexiest group of friendly people we've come accross. Highly recommended for genuine couples, a perfect place for experienced and new couples to the scene. Thank you Cliff for finding the missing x-factor.
It was a great night and we are really enjoyed ourselves. everyone was fun to chat to and play with. We are already looking forward to the next party and can hardly wait.Thanks again everyone for making it a great success and thanks to Cliff
T and I had a ball. Thanks again to Cliff and all the sexy people we had the pleasure of pleasure with. We will be clearing our diary for the next Loungeparty!
A big thank you to Cliff for organizing yet another fantastic party on Saturday night..... It was great to meet so many sexy new faces!! Yet another horny night!!!!
Went to our first swinging party on saturday. Had a great time, everyone was really friendly and the whole atmosphere was relaxed. Met some really sexy people and we are already looking forward to the next party in London.
Just wanted to say hello to everyone who attended Saturday nights swinging party in docklands. It was our first party and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to Cliff for hosting it. Everyone was so friendly and we felt that we made some real friends there.
Great night last Sat - fab glam venues & lovely people & really enjoyed the raunchy after party - a big thanks to Cliff. Looking forward to the next one very much
What can we say? excellently organised, glamorous venues, enticing guests, relaxed atmosphere and incredibly erotic moments in harmony with any level of involvement. Thanks for the laughs, the arousal and the fun of it! We await impatiently the next bash.
We enjoyed the docklands social and after party very much...being a bit of an odd couple its sometimes tricky to fit in but this party was so friendly and relaxed...and I think Miki (the higher quality half of this cpl) especially would enjoy to get to know some of the attractive and sexy girls and guys better.
Thanks Loungeparties and the other couples who helped the two of us have such a great evening! This was our first time at a swinging party and will not be the last. Nice and friendly atmosphere at drinks and great venue for the after party….. and oh… those sexy couples. Phu.... did it really happen??? An amazing experience!!
Fabulous evening. Venues were perfect. Guests were attractive, sexy, fun and interesting - lots of people we would like to get to know better! Thanks to Cliff for organising it. We can't wait until the next one.
Thank you so much for the effort last Saturday night. Being very new to the scene, it was a comfortable and sexy introduction, we had a great time. And thank you sooo much to all the sexy people there who made it so comfortable and sexy for us!
This is a great way to meet other likeminded people, especially since you get verified as a real couple. Thanks Guys, see you again soon.
We had a really enjoyable evening on Tuesday, it was our first Lounge Parties social and we were made to feel very welome indeed. The only downside was that the evening went so quickly but we'll definately be coming to the next ones! Thanks to all invloved in getting it organised!
Just a quick note to say we had a great time last night, and met loads of good people. Will try to stay in touch!
Thanks to Cliff for organising it and to everyone we met on Saturday night who helped to make it such fun. To those we didn't meet (unfortunately we were late arriving), we hope to meet you at a future event. We had a brilliant time. Arrived late and tired after a stressful day but there was a superb turn out of beautiful and interesting couples. The party mood was infectious and we had a drink and a laugh then played until dawn.
It was great to spend time in such friendly, easy-going, attractive and relaxed adult company, and be made to feel welcome. Thanks and see you next time.
Whether it's your first time or you've been to many other events, this is one not to be missed. Classy, friendly, no-pressure and many wonderful people. We met many lovely people and are looking forward to more! We'll be back and hope you'll come out and say hello too!
A great night - met loads of sexy and very friendly people, and a chance to catch up with some familiar faces. Can't wait for the next one.
Thanks for all, Wonderful night, smarty people, nice place, we love all, and for the future we need to meet you again. What do you think about an italian summer project event?
Thanks to everyone who made the Loungeparty last night such a brilliant night. It was particularly good to meet so many new people that I had only previously seen on the site. This was a hot and sexy crowd! If the evening had stopped when I left the bar, I would have been impressed but it just got better! About forty of us carried on partying upstairs in one of the hotel suites. Wow! Thanks to Cliff and all those who helped for organising the evening - and thanks to all those I got to know and those I got to know better ;)
Great to meet you last night and thanks for taking time to make us feel at ease on arriving at our first 'social'. We really enjoyed the evening and all 'newbie jitters' were soon forgotten due to the incredibly chilled atmosphere. A great chance to meet attractive couples in a relaxed, non-threatening environment. Spent time with many new couples plus Loungeparty old-timers - sharing their interests and insights. Great fun! Can't wait for the next one!
Fabulous night. We met some great people and had an enormous amount of fun. Really looking forward to the next one. Many thanks to Cliff for setting it up and making it such a special evening.
Kathleen and I had a GREAT time at your party on Sat. night. Your selection process seems excellent. As one person said to us "it is very pleasing to the eye to just look around the room". So congratulations on creating the perfect relaxed atmosphere for meeting like-minded couples.
Thank you for organising Saturday night. Emma and I will definitely come again and recommend your gatherings to others.
We really enjoyed the party. It was our first experience of Loungeparties and we couldn't be more impressed. There were quite a few couples there we fancied. This sounds silly but we've replied to ads on the net and when we've seen the people's faces either in photos or in the flesh it's been a bit of a let-down. This is a much better way of meeting people who you know are both genuine participants.
The couples we talked to were very friendly and it was surprisingly easy to mingle. We also chuckled at how some people really blatantly eyed others up - with their partners approval. If that happened at any other function there'd probably be a few fights and some horrific rows when they got home! We look forward to the next one!
We'd just like to say thank you for making us feel so welcome at last saturday's party. In less than 1 hour, not only did we feel at home, but we meet some interesting & fun couples who we hope to meet again very soon ;-) We'd definitely be interesting the next party & we have already spread the word to a couple of friends we know. See you soon
As newbie's we really weren't sure what to expect, but we had a great night.The atmosphere was very relaxed and just what we were looking for. There was a good mix of good-looking, friendly people that we hope to see again. We're really looking forward to the next one.
Just a quick note to thank you for a lovely time on Saturday night. We managed to meet some lovely people, one couple in particular whom we ended up having some late night fun with...
Thanks for the meeting on Saturday - it was far more upmarket and relaxed than we had expected. We met a couple who are going to be fantastic friends and spent a lot of the weekend with them, just talking and getting to know them.
We had a wonderful time at the first LoungeParty. It gave us an opportunity to meet new couples and also catch up with old friends from past parties. We hope to be at future get togethers...we are also looking forward to some of the private parties you will be having later this year!!